Loud Shirt Day - Terms & Conditions
The following terms and conditions refer to TSH Ltd fundraising activities.
  1. Your fundraising activity must align with TSH's purpose and values as detailed here.

  2. Fundraisers/Participants agree to comply with all directions from TSH regarding the use of its name and logo. TSH reserves the right to request changes or cease the use of its assets if it determines that their use is not in strict adherence of the approved terms or potentially harmful to TSH’s reputation.

  3. Event organisers are required to keep accurate financial records of the event/ fundraising activity including expenses and income sources (ticketing, raffles, auctions, etc).

  4. The fundraising activity must be self-funded. TSH will not be held liable for any losses or expenses incurred, including cancellation for any reason.

  5. The event organiser must take all reasonable steps to ensure expenses do not exceed a fair and reasonable proportion of the total proceeds raised from the event.

  6. Financial, public liability and public safety are all the responsibility of the Fundraising event organiser.
7. Receipting donations
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Fundraisers agree to send the money from the fundraising activity, together with any relevant documents, to TSH within 14 days of the activity.

TSH Limited (ABN 73 885 107 614) is a registered charity (ACNC 17993). Donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible in Australia. Fundraisers may request a donation receipt or provide gift details and contact details of the donor to receive a receipt.

For more information on our governance, please contact fundraise@tsh.org.au.

8. Media, public relations and use of the TSH logo
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  1. Fundraisers may use the name, log, and other branding materials of TSH solely in connection with approved fundraising events and activities. All uses of TSH’s branding materials must be pre-approved in writing by TSH’s Fundraising and Marketing team before they are used publicly.

    Fundraisers are required to submit a request for approval, detailing the specific use, method of dissemination, and duration of use to fundraise@tsh.org.au. This includes but not limited to digital materials, collateral with TSH’s logo and name, or press releases.

  2. The use of the TSH name and logo is not transferable or assignable to third parties and is limited to the event for which they were approved.

  3. The TSH name and logo may not be used in any way that suggests or implies endorsement of any product, service, political party, or agenda, or in connection with any content that is derogatory, defamatory, obscene, unlawful, or otherwise detrimental to the TSH brand.

  4. Your fundraising activity may not be promoted as an official TSH event; however, it may be described as a fundraising event that "proudly supports TSH".
9. Social media
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  1. TSH may share details of your event and names of attendees via our social media and printed publications. When creating an event page on Facebook, please be sure to acknowledge your event is ‘in support of TSH’ and not 'hosted by TSH’.

  2. To the best of your ability, ensure inappropriate images, videos, statements, comments are not posted, or are removed from all social media platforms including, but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, X (formerly Twitter), Discord.

    "Inappropriate content" may be an image, video or written words that can be upsetting, disturbing or offensive. Examples of inapropriate content may include: sexually explicit material, false or misleading information, violence, extremism or terrorism, hateful or offensive material.
10. How TSH can help you
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Provide promotional resources and videos; provide localised case studies where available; list your event on our website and Facebook page; provide receipts, certificates of appreciation and thank you letters to donors and supporters; provide on-site support at your event depending on the location, availability and fundraising goal.

11. Limitations of TSH support
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Unfortunately TSH is unable to extend our tax exemption to you; provide insurance coverage; provide funding or reimbursement of expenses; guarantee celebrity ambassadors’ attendance/promotion; guarantee publicity, newspaper, radio, TV coverage; provide contact information of our donors, employees, families or volunteers.

12. Withdrawal of permission
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TSH reserves the right to withdraw permission to use its name, logo, or other branding materials at any time if it believes that their ongoing use conflicts with TSH’s interests or reputation.

Upon such withdrawal, fundraisers must immediately discontinue all use of TSH’s branding materials and either dispose or destroy any promotional materials that contain them.

I need more help with my fundraising!
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Please contact TSH's Fundraising team for help on making your Loud Shirt Day event a success. Our friendly team are here to ensure you have a fun time wearing it loud!

Phone: (08) 9387 9888
Email: fundraise@tsh.org.au

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