Loud Shirt Day - Impact Stories
Lucy's Story

Lucy's hearing journey began during a newborn hearing screening at the hospital, where she received a "referred" result at just four days old.

As Lucy grew, the hearing in her left ear worsened to the point that she was now profoundly deaf, and led to her first cochlear implant at age two.

With a cochlear implant and the support of early intervention programs at TSH, Lucy engages fully in life's adventures. Her journey is a testament to the life-changing support celebrated during Loud Shirt Day, ensuring children with hearing loss feel empowered to reach their full potential.

Quinn & Rachael

As the final donation amounts were tallied up, Quinn (aged three) emerged as the highest individual Loud Shirt Day fundraiser for TSH. In under two weeks, Quinn's family had raised a staggering $11,000 for the Western Australian not-for-profit!

Quinn was born with bilateral sensorineural hearing loss, which was identified at her newborn hearing screening. Although she has been wearing hearing aids since she was five weeks old, Quinn's hearing loss is progressive. This means that she faces an uncertain hearing future.

Quinn's mum, Rachael, hopes that along with fundraising, Loud Shirt Day helps people understand more about hearing loss, particularly among children.

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