Loud Shirt Day - Fundraising Ideas

Fundraise as a...

Organisation or Team!
  • Wear a loud shirt
  • Host a morning tea
  • Have a bake off
  • Get your friends, family and colleagues to donate the cost of one morning coffee to your fundraising efforts
  • Create a physical challenge with your team
  • Set your own creative challenge!
School or Early Learning Centre!
  • Wear a loud shirt
  • Wear crazy socks
  • Wear crazy ties and tights
  • Set you own LOUD class/school challenge!
  • Donate your day - Instead of a birthday gift, ask friends and family to help support you with a charitable donation to Loud Shirt Day.
  • Set yourself a "Give it up" challenge - Whether it be coffee or a fast food meal, by giving up this expense for a couple of months, you can pledge the money you save towards Loud Shirt Day instead.
Loudest Community!
  • Bring your community together by rallying behind a local family going through a hearing loss journey with their child/children.                                                                             
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